Three Bear Kennels

Here at Three Bear Kennels, we are breeding for naturally young starting pups with BRAINS, conformation, toughness, nose, locate and tree ability, drifting track style, speed, grit, rigging and starting ability, but not necessarily in that order.  We sell young started dogs that we would keep for ourselvesI sell these started pups at 5 months of age. Above Average Pups are $2,200.00 and the average pups are $1,500.00 each.  The difference between the two pups is the bells and whistles that the pups show at the five month age when I sell them. This is in no way the same as picking a pick of the litter pup out at 8 weeks old.  I sort and choose the Above Average and Average pups according to abilities first and foremost.  Most of the time out of a litter of pups, over 1/2 of them will be Above Average pups if not more after their training is complete.

The dogs that I am breeding make extremely good rig and start dogs. When they rig off of the box and the track is three to five hundred yards off the road they are excellent at going right to that track and will not bark until they are there even if I turn multiple dogs down to start. One dog barks and the rest will shoot to that dog without saying a word until they get with the front dog and they are great about taking the track the right direction.

In my opinion, in order to judge a bear dog you need to judge the bears that you are hunting first.

Due to the difficulty in shipping dogs to foreign countries, we are now offering a limited amount of frozen semen out of our stud dogs for sale (Foreign countries only).  Call for prices and information.

With all of that being said, I advertise these dogs as being Bear and Cat dogs but I don’t care if you are a Coon, Hog, Fox, Coyote or Deer hunter. These dogs are bred with the drive and desire to put a smile on the face of all types of hunters, and they are easy to break. All of my dogs are bred gritty. I firmly believe that whatever game you choose to run, dogs bred with grit will run that animal as hard by itself as it does in company. A dog that runs with no fear will run harder to catch the animal you are after.

117Pictured on the left is Blackjack, Colton and Tom. Blackjack and Tom are littermates. Blackjack was our all time favorite dog and this picture was taken the day after an all out war with a very mean bear which we killed on the ground after 12 hours. Notice that these two dogs cannot even open their eyes.

Pictured on the right is another of my personal favorite dogs, Minnie. She is on the left of the tree and her mother Sugar is on the right.



Pictured on the left is Blackjack and Minnie’s pups at 12 months old with some Bobcat and Fox that they caught…from left to right: Crowder, Pepper, Cocoa, Trixie and Blackjack Junior.


Blackjack passed away several years ago, but I have his semen stored and bred Minnie to him. Their pups are now 9 months old and are born naturals. I am hunting them now and they got the very best traits from both of their parents. They are smart, great noses, great track style, good tree dogs, very gutsy, huge mouths, great personalities and super conformation.

I have seven of these pups which I will be keeping to hunt myself and use for the next step in my breeding program.


Pictured above is 6 puppies that just turned seven months old and the first bear they were on.  This happened to be a 5 hour walking bay up.  The bear had to be killed on the ground and all 6 pups were there from start to finish.  On the far left is the sire to the pups named Sharp and on his right is Sharp’s sire named Arrow.  These pups were out of a Sharp and Diamond cross and Diamond was out of a Arrow and Freckles cross.  Freckles was out of my Blackjack dog.  Travis said that these 6 pups turned into the best pack of bear dogs that he has ever owned, especially on a mean walking bear.


Pictured above is my son Colton and Travis Reggear’s son Walker with two of the same seven month old pups from the above picture with holes poked in them from that mean walking bear.  They stayed until the bear was killed.  In the background is their sire and grand-sire, Sharp and Arrow.  This stock of dogs naturally has the heads up drifting track style and the locating and treeing ability to make them top varmint dogs.  The hard thing to do is breed for consistent litters that like mean bears.  That is what I focused on when building the dogs that I have today.  It took less time for me to do this because where I hunted the bear were consistently rank.  This made it easy to weed out the ones that didn’t want to be bear dogs.  Bear dogs like Arrow, Sharp and Blackjack are all gone now but you will find these old bloodlines on both sides of my dogs today.  I also have stored semen from these three dogs for my future use.