Pictures and Videos

The above pictures were sent from Tom and Greg from West Virginia who purchased these two young started dogs from me. Tom says ” This is the nicest pup I have ever owned. It has plenty of grit and hates those bear… likes to pull hair and hang on”.

Pictured above is Luke from Wisconsin with two of his Three Bear Kennels young dogs.  Luke purchased these two young started dogs last year.  They are 20 months old out of two different litters, he hunts them on bear and coyote.


Pictured above is Sarah, a 10 month old started pup owned by Jimmy in Oregon. She caught this cat out in front of 5 old dogs after 3 hours of trailing and a short jump. Sarah dominated the whole race from trail to jump and then sat down and located and was treeing when all the old dogs came in.

IMG_2139 IMG_2140

Pictured above is a young dog from Three Bear Kennels owned by Brian from New Mexico.


Doug from WI. with his young started dog is pictured above.


The above pictures and video were sent in by Shorty from Texas of his Three Bear Kennels young dog.


The above pictures were sent in by Chris from Wisconsin of his Three Bear Kennels dogs.

The above video was sent to me by Pat from PA. He caught this Bobcat with Daisy all by herself from start to finish. Daisy just turned 9 months old.


The following pictures and letter are from Peery in Texas

Bobcats  peerypups1 peerypups

Hello Mike. I thought I’d send you a note of recommendation that you can show folks who are interested in your dogs. Of the four dogs I’ve bought from Mike in the last 9 months, all have been game crazy, and are doing extra well. I’m hunting coon, fox, and bobcat in west Texas, and we are consistently catching them. These dogs are still young. Mike has two things going for him that I haven’t found anywhere else to date. 1. His dogs are consistently game crazy and have lots of natural brains and ability. 2. Mike is honest in what he says, and is great to talk to before and after he’s sold a dog.  I went up to Oregon to look his setup over and get to know him, and we went hunting two mornings. Both mornings his dogs did exactly what he told me they’d do. They trailed fast and treed game. No need for excuses from Mike or his dogs. The pups I’ve bought have been exactly as he’s described them, and have started hunting for me as soon as they got to Texas. I’ve sent along a few pictures of these pups and some of what they’ve caught. I’ve got a deposit down on  another pup. That’s the best recommendation I could give anyone.


Pictured in the three photos above is a Three Bear Kennels young started dog who was purchased by Evan and shipped to Canada. Max is 16 months old in the photos.

The above video is sent in by Evan from Canada of his two Three Bear Kennels dogs.


The video above was sent in by Mark from Oregon. Lester and Maggie are up front and Doc is the dark colored dog in the background. “My 17 month old Lester dog I got from you as a pup. He has been locating and treeing since he was 7 months old, but is really becoming a quick locator this season. I have heard him locate ahead of the other dogs several times lately. He has been a fun dog to raise and watch progress and will be pretty much finished at the end of the season at 18 months old.”

Above is Tim from Oregon with his two year old dogs under a lion tree in Wyoming. These dogs were purchased from us as young started dogs at 6 months old.

In the above video are 6 1/2 month old young started dogs from Three Bear Kennels treed on a cat. They belong to Tim from Oregon and they have the red and green collars on.

Nathan from WV sent in the above video and said “Trip is the young dog on the far left, he and a plot of mine caught this bear after cold trailing for a good while and bayed and walked him for another hour or so until I could get them some help.  Again, thanks a lot and I am looking forward to getting another one here soon.”

The above video is from James in WV.  He  said “She is doing a hell of a job I’ve got 2 get another one .”

This video was sent in from the Marcum brothers.  This is the 6 1/2 month old pup they just got from me.  She is the pup with the red collar standing on the tree.

Three of the dogs on this bay up are Three Bear Kennel dogs.

Evan from Canada
Pictured above is Evan from Canada with his young started dog from Three Bear Kennels.

The picture above was sent in from Andrew from WI.  The young dog he bought from us on the right with a 42 pound Bobcat.

Brent WI
Pictured above is Brent from Wisconsin. These Three Bear Kennels dogs were under 85 trees this year and Wyatt treed 17 of them by himself at two years old.

tom_001Tom's dogs and cats
Pictured above is a good friend of mine Tom and his 4 females who are out of my dogs.
Shine and Spider are out of Arrow, Ruby is out of Playboy and Penny is a grand-pup of my Ready Dog.

Pictured above are three dogs that Chad bought from me as young started dogs.


Pictured above is George Mavrakis with his hog dogs who are out of my old Shorty dog.