Video Clips

The cat in the video below finds a good hiding spot.

Marcum Brothers with dogs

Marcum Brothers

I got the following message from the Marcum Brothers regarding the young started dogs that they have purchased from me.

Mike, I know I have told you this before, but I just wanted to thank you for helping me out and being honest and truthful with me and even sharing your knowledge and lessons learned. I wouldn’t and couldn’t have had the pack that we’ve created without your assistance.

Both videos below are from the Marcum Brothers. The dog that rides the bear up the tree came from the Three Bear Kennels breeding program.

My name is George Mavrakis, I own and operate Wild Pig Hunting Services. I guide on average 150 hog hunts per year in Northern California. I have hunted or hunted with nearly every breed of dog available. I prefer using the dogs that are bred and sold from Three Bear Kennels most of all. They start and finish hogs like no other I have ever hunted.